Texas Statistics

Texas Higher Education Accountability Board
Provides college and university level statistics that include completion rates, degrees enrolled in, and student demographic data.

Texas Crime
Annual DPS Crime Report. The report is divided into the type of crime. County specific information is listed at the end of each chapter.

U.S. Statistics

American Factfinder
Provides national, state and local census data that includes population, housing, economic and geographic information.
Provides easy access to statistics and information produced by more than 100 U.S. Federal Government agencies.

A collection of all data that the U.S. Government compiles that is not classified or private.

Pew Research
Conducts national public opinion polling to determine the issues, attitudes and trends people in the U.S. currently hold.

Pew Research Center: Hispanic Trends
Uses data to analyze trends in the Hispanic population of the United States.

National Center for Educational Statistics
Provides U.S. school district demographics, educational assessments, and other primary school related statistics.

Global Statistics

Nation Master
Statistical website that compiles statistical information about countries worldwide. Generate statistical maps, graphs and charts on a number of topics.

CIA World Factbook
Provides profiles for each nation's geography, people, government, economy, and military.

World Bank
Provides economic, environmental, and social data about nations worldwide.


Conducts global public opinion polling to determine the issues, attitudes, and trends.